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Everyone has heard about eco-friendly building, but what really lies behind all the talk of carbon-neutral homes, alternative energy sources and those unfamiliar construction techniques? SustainableBuild provides the answers in an informative, interesting and thoroughly readable way.

Grey (and Black) Water Recycling Design

June 21, 2013|12 Comments

Between shifting rainfall patterns and the burgeoning demands of our increasing population, the pressure on water resources in the UK continues to rise, despite our often notoriously wet climate - which puts water reuse and recycling high on the sustainability [...]

Straw Bale Building: Case Study, Howden

May 3, 2013|4 Comments

Carol Atkinson's interest in straw construction arose during her studies for a Master's degree in architecture at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth - and she's been putting theory into practice ever since. Originally setting out to add a straw [...]

Fracking: Truly Sustainable?

April 17, 2013|3 Comments

Between being blamed for two Lancashire earth tremors in 2011, and making a surprise appearance in George Osborne's 2013 budget, the once little known term of 'fracking' has now firmly entered the language - and become one of the most [...]

PloughCroft Renewables: Case Study

April 20, 2012|0 Comments

Established in 1997 in the heart of Yorkshire, Ploughcroft Renewables started its days as a construction and roofing company. Founded by father and son, Bill and Chris Hopkins, the duo set up business with quality and satisfaction at the centre [...]

Building Redevelopments

April 6, 2012|0 Comments

Building redevelopments are hugely important to maintaining the history and natural equilibrium of a community. The Old Post Office building in Leeds offers one prime and luxurious example. Built in 1896 by Sir Henry Tanner, the building has recently been [...]