Why Are Sustainable Building Principles Important?

Ever heard of sustainable building principles? This is a concept in building construction that aims to challenge the traditional construction methods to utilise natural resources like air, energy, and sunlight to benefit the environment rather than damage it. Plus, it is also referred to as the Green Building technique. 

One of the benefits of this principle is that the use of natural resources in building construction will reduce the cost of maintenance and other related costs. This does not fully explain why this set of construction principles are important. That’s why we’re going to be detailing the importance of this principle here.

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Importance of Sustainable Building principles

The importance of these principles falls into 3 main categories; environmental, social, and economic.

Environmental benefits of sustainable building principles

  • Enhances biodiversity and protects the ecosystem: The use of recyclable construction materials significantly reduces the number of waste products in the environment and this protects the environment. 
  • Conservation of energy: Sustainable buildings make use of properly insulated walls, windows and ceilings make the building more energy-efficient. This way energy in the building will not be wasted and the risk to the environment is significantly reduced.

Social benefits of sustainable building principles

  • Improve health: The use of natural materials in the construction of buildings will improve the quality of air and water in the environment. This will inevitably have a direct effect on the quality of life and comfort of the occupants.
  • A comfortable and productive space: Building with sustainable materials improves the general quality of your home and makes it more comfortable to live in. As a workspace, the eco-friendly environment will improve concentration levels and increase productivity.

Economic benefits of sustainable building principles

  • Reduces construction and operating costs: Sustainable construction is a more financially efficient way to develop buildings. Fewer and less expensive resources are needed for the completion of a sustainable building, and that drastically reduces the cost of construction.
  • Using locally made products: Locally made products are usually manufactured with sustainable materials, and you conserve energy and reduce the cost that goes into transporting these goods from their international manufacturer to you. This also supports local businesses and will have a positive effect on the economy in the littlest way.
  • Enhance asset value: Another reason to implement sustainable building principles when constructing your home is that it increases the value of that asset – your home. Sustainable buildings have a high ROI, and the value of the sustainable building is significantly higher than a traditionally constructed building of the same size.

Many of our activities have had harsh repercussions on the environment, increasing the effects of global warming and climate change. That is the basis of the conversation about “Going green for environmental preservation”. It is neither a new nor foreign concept and it is the inspiration for the sustainable building principle. This building practice was designed to preserve and restore the environment and that is the vital importance of creating “Green Buildings”. 

You can support this campaign and be a part of it in little ways like choosing a contractor that offers sustainable building services for your home, choosing materials such as wood and other eco-friendly materials, using insulated windows, doors, and ceilings, and also making use of solar panels as a source of energy in your home.