Could Hollywood Be More Ecofriendly?

By |2022-01-25T16:03:40+00:00September 24, 2010|Carbon Count - Entertainment|

The film making and entertainment industry comes very close behind oil refineries as the business sector responsible for the highest carbon dioxide emissions. The cost of filming, special effects, lighting, staging spectacular concerts, carrying celebrities all over the world by plane and a myriad of other activities use vast amounts [...]

Using Wind Up Technology to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By |2022-01-25T16:04:55+00:00April 18, 2009|Carbon Count - Entertainment|

If you want a fun way to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your consumption of fossil fuels when using gadgets, it is now possible to buy a range of gizmos and gadgets that are powered by winding them up. All incorporate a winding handle and an effective dynamo that [...]

Home Entertainment and Your Carbon Footprint

By |2022-01-25T16:06:13+00:00November 13, 2008|Carbon Count - Entertainment|

Electronic Entertainment After a hard day at work, what better way to spend a few hours relaxing in the evening than watching television or listening to our favourite band or orchestra. Home entertainment systems have become very sophisticated and offer fantastic quality of sound and image. Electronic equipment continues to [...]

Thrill Seeking and the Cost to the Environment

By |2022-01-25T16:06:14+00:00November 13, 2008|Carbon Count - Entertainment|

Adrenaline Rush Seeking thrills is becoming a very popular way to spend a few spare hours. Perhaps it is because people lead dull lives, or perhaps it is the hidden child within us, but many people relish the idea of a frightening white-knuckle ride or a face-to-face encounter with a [...]

Which Sports Events Are Environmentally Friendly?

By |2022-01-25T16:06:15+00:00November 12, 2008|Carbon Count - Entertainment|

Sporting Pollution Any sport that uses fuel is going to be costly to the environment. Motor racing, 4 x 4 off road driving and indoor motor events use large events of energy and pump massive amounts of carbon monoxide into the environment. At a recent indoor tractor pulling competition, levels [...]

Carbon Friendly Rock Concerts

By |2022-01-25T16:06:20+00:00November 11, 2008|Carbon Count - Entertainment|

Rock Concerts Are Great Fun Rock concerts and rock festivals are great fun. Spending a few days lazing around in the countryside, catching up with stories from our fellow rock travellers and watching our favourite bands perform can be pure heaven. But does our enjoyment have a cost to the [...]

Low Carbon-Cost Leisure Activities

By |2022-01-25T16:06:21+00:00November 11, 2008|Carbon Count - Entertainment|

Leisure Time Is Essential Leisure time is an essential part of healthy living. It has never been more important for people across all walks of life to break away from their busy working lives to take some time out for recreation and pure enjoyment. There are a wealth of leisure [...]

Environmentallly Friendly Games for the Kids

By |2022-01-25T16:06:22+00:00November 11, 2008|Carbon Count - Entertainment|

Birthday Parties Are Great Fun Birthday parties are a great time for kids. Children of all ages love to spend an afternoon eating cakes, ice cream and chocolate and playing games with their friends. But with many families now trying to eat more healthy food and be less wasteful, birthday [...]

Is Going to the Gym Carbon Friendly?

By |2022-01-25T16:06:24+00:00November 11, 2008|Carbon Count - Entertainment|

A very common New Year’s resolution is to ‘join a gym and lose some of those festive pounds’! However, like most resolutions made at the start of the year, enthusiasm for going to the gym may soon wear off. Not only can it be a complete waste of money, but [...]

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