Are Barbecues Bad for the Environment?

By |2022-01-25T16:03:06+00:00March 23, 2011|Carbon Count - Home|

The British summer can be highly variable but we all look forward to at least some hot and sunny weekends to relax outdoors, whether in the garden, the beach or at a local beauty spot. Fifty years ago, barbeques were unheard of but this method of Australian outdoor socialising has [...]

Do Timber Framed Houses Reduce Carbon Emissions?

By |2022-01-25T16:04:08+00:00March 16, 2010|Carbon Count - Home|

Most people in the UK live in brick built or stone built houses. Even the modern houses built on a budget that have breeze block walls have an external facing of brick. Concrete and steel are common components. This may make for very sturdy buildings but do we really need [...]

Eco Buildings: Can They Really Be Carbon Neutral?

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The very quick answer is, yes, they can and they will actually have to be. Legislation in the UK is going to make it compulsory for all new homes built from 2016 to be completely carbon neutral and the same rule will apply to all commercial buildings from 2019. There [...]

Wood Burning Stoves and Heat Pumps

By |2022-01-25T16:08:45+00:00January 12, 2008|Carbon Count - Home|

It might seem like a true backwards step to think of wood-burning stoves as a way to reduce carbon emissions. After all, didn't we abandon them long ago to move to coal and finally central heating? Can burning wood even reduce a carbon footprint? The simple answer is that although [...]

Going Solar To Save Carbon

By |2022-01-25T16:09:04+00:00October 1, 2007|Carbon Count - Home|

Solar power is a viable, sustainable alternative way to generate energy. You might not be able to meet all your needs this way, but even providing part of them means you’re significantly lowering your carbon footprint. Solar Water Heating If you’re going to attempt any one thing with solar power, [...]

Carbon Footprint Friendly Appliances

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When you use your appliances do you ever think about the carbon footprint they’re leaving? Probably not – why would you? You use them, and that’s that. But your fridge is contributing to climate change 24 hours a day, and so is your stove, hob, TV…everything you switch on. But [...]

Your Carbon Footprint In The Garden

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You might consider your garden the greenest part of your home and in many ways you’d be right. Apart from being a thing of beauty, your garden itself doesn’t put carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But have you considered making your garden more useful? Instead of being ornamental, it could [...]

What Will Proper Insulation Save You?

By |2022-01-25T16:09:12+00:00September 27, 2007|Carbon Count - Home|

Let’s face it it’s difficult to get excited about insulation. It’s just one of those topics that most people believe has to be addressed. But in the fight to reduce your carbon footprint, insulation can be an important weapon (and the fact that over time it far more than pays [...]

Green Energy and Carbon Footprints

By |2022-01-25T16:09:24+00:00September 26, 2007|Carbon Count - Home|

Every time we switch on the light or the television we’re pushing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It’s a fact of life. Most of the time, we don’t even feel guilty about it, or even think of it that way. Instead, we use appliances and feel warm, and each of [...]

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