Green Energy in Nayland: Case Study

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We often say that the local school plays a crucial role in the community, but when one of the parents doing the school-run is a qualified engineer, who by his own admission is “passionate about the environment” and a self-confessed serious fan of renewable energy, that can take on a [...]

Turning Homes Into Mini Power Stations: Case Study

By |2022-01-25T16:03:24+00:00December 2, 2010|Energy Case Studies|

Although everyone understands the enormous potential benefits of generating electricity from sunlight, no matter how big a fan you might be, there’s one very obvious drawback – the cost. Even though the price of photovoltaic (PV) cells has fallen dramatically over recent years, it remains a relatively expensive option when [...]

A Community Fuelled by Wastewater Gas: Case Study

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Recycling waste took on a very new meaning for 200 households in one Oxfordshire town recently, when they became the first in the UK to receive a supply of renewable gas for cooking and heating made from their own sewage. If all goes according to plan, this £2.5 million project [...]

Britain’s First Biofuel Buses: Case Study

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“I’m sure the idea of cheaper travel in exchange for the used contents of your chip pan will capture people’s imagination.” So said Brian Souter, co-founder and CEO of Stagecoach Group, at the launch of Britain’s first ever bus service to be powered by 100 per cent biofuel – and [...]

Cutting Bills With an Energy Audit: Case Study

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“I’ve done quite well out of not selling my house,” laughs Lynne Morrison. “To tell the truth, I was well annoyed when all this Energy Certificate stuff came in. I had to get one when I put my place on the market and I thought it was just another way [...]

I Saved Energy With Gadgets & Gizmos: A Case Study

By |2022-01-25T16:04:57+00:00April 10, 2009|Energy Case Studies|

“It all sort of happened by accident,” laughs Madhuri Nahar. “I started out with a torch and it’s all just grown and grown from there!” On the way home from lectures one day, Madhuri called into the local convenience store to pick up a few groceries and sitting in a [...]

Going Solar on a Budget: A Case Study

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“The idea of going solar always appealed – I think it appeals to the vast majority of people. I mean you’d have to be mad not to want some free energy, now wouldn’t you? But the problem for most of us mere mortals with mortgages to meet, bills to pay [...]

Whitehills Community Wind Power: A Case Study

By |2022-01-25T16:05:00+00:00April 9, 2009|Energy Case Studies|

Take a drive along the main A98, following the coastline of the Moray Firth from Fochabers to Fraserburgh, in the rugged north east corner of Scotland, and you can’t fail to notice the clutch of wind turbines, towering above the surrounding countryside from miles away. Their hypnotically turning blades dominate [...]

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