What are Fossil Fuels?

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Fossil fuels are the world’s most widely-used energy resource, and as such they are an essential ingredient in contemporary life. Without fossil fuels there would almost certainly be no cars, aeroplanes, plastics, domestic electricity supplies, or many other conveniences that are taken for granted in the developed world. But fossil [...]

All About Natural Gas as an Energy Source

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Natural gas, like all fossil fuels, is the remains of prehistoric living matter that existed millions of years ago. In the marine environment, dead organisms came to rest on the ocean floor, where they were covered by layer after layer of mud or silt which over time became layers of [...]

Petroleum as an Energy Source

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Of the three main fossil fuels – coal, petroleum and natural gas – it could be argued that petroleum is the most versatile. Coal is a powerful source of heat, well suited to heating buildings and providing power for industrial processes. But it leaves residue, and transporting coal can be [...]

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