Top Tips for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

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Every year, each of us in the UK is responsible for an average of around 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – once you’ve factored in things like flying, which don’t appear in the official government figures. We all know about trying to reduce our carbon footprint and, of course, [...]

Top Tips for Lower Impact Transport

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Transport accounts for about a third of all the energy used in the UK and while industrial consumption has halved since 1970, according to University of Warwick figures, fuel usage on the roads has almost tripled over the same period. Something in the region of 55 million tonnes of oil [...]

Five Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen

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According to some estimates, the kitchen accounts for some 20 per cent or more of the energy used in our homes – making it a great place to start cutting those bills and lessening that carbon footprint. You certainly don’t have to change all your appliances to get started and [...]

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