PloughCroft Renewables: Case Study

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Established in 1997 in the heart of Yorkshire, Ploughcroft Renewables started its days as a construction and roofing company. Founded by father and son, Bill and Chris Hopkins, the duo set up business with quality and satisfaction at the centre of their ethic. As the years past, hard work soon [...]

Building Redevelopments

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Building redevelopments are hugely important to maintaining the history and natural equilibrium of a community. The Old Post Office building in Leeds offers one prime and luxurious example. Built in 1896 by Sir Henry Tanner, the building has recently been redeveloped into a series of luxury-serviced apartments known as Residence [...]

Video: Eco Build at Norton Priory

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Hi I'm John Budworth, head gardender at Norton Priory Museum and gardens. On behalf of Sustainable, I' going to talk about the eco build at Norton Priory museum and gardens. We were looking for indoor space at Norton Priory, we looked at three options, converting the existing buildings, introduction [...]

VIDEO – Tools Used for Lime Pointing

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Hello I'm Colin Braithwaite from Braithe Heritage supplies. We're working with Sustainable and we're just going to show you some of the tools that we use for Lime Pointing. We'll start at the beginning with safety goggles which are cheap and cheerful and well worth the expense. Lime water [...]

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